game making is a thing i like to do… here are things i have made



a brief exploratory 3D project created in Unity.

you cannot leave.

you can only stay.

CLICK HERE TO PLAY (Requires Unity Web Player)



my first 2D endeavor, fight your way through hordes of the undead to confront the evil witch of the graveyard!  NOTE: many players complained of unusual audio-visual occurrences in level 3 and beyond.  as i was unable to replicate these problems, i am unable to patch them.


Interactive Fiction

PONTEFRACT – explore an evil castle and confront the fetid darkness within.  my first ever twine game, inspired by shakespeare’s Richard the Second.

STYGIA – play as a ghost, haunt the living, and fight for survival in the land of the dead.  inspired by White Wolf’s Wraith: The Oblivion.

STYGIA II: THE SISTERS OF STYGIA – stygia has begun to change and unrest is growing in the lands of the dead.  seek out a broken goddess in a haunted district in a search for answers.

THE BOG NYMPHS OF NEPTUNE – a sci-fi jaunt in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars series, made in 9 hours for Porpentine‘s Big Chaos Twine Jam.

THE CRADLE OF EVE – a derelict vessel drifts slowly closer and closer to a red sun, a massive seed in its depths the only clue to the starship’s fate…

PRETTY GIRL – emotional horror prose-poem about broken relationships, inferiority, and emotional abuse, featuring the Surgeon of Stygia.

BIRDS – short autobiographical piece about the beauty of birds and the arrogance of the human species.

YOU WERE MADE FOR LONELINESS – a grandiose twine project that i contributed to involving love divided by futurism and sentient dysphoria; my stories involve an AI holding the narrator captive in a virtual reality, and an internet horror video fetishist (official website here)

DAYMARE #1: ‘RITUAL’ – the first in an ongoing series of stream-of-consciousness interactive horror fantasies.  this one is particularly autobiographical.  tw: suicide, dysphoria, emotional abuse, humiliation, cutting


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