Hello.  My name is Kitty Horrorshow and I like to make things.  Sometimes I make things out of words, other times I make things out of sounds.  I’m learning to make things that people can play so that they can have fun and maybe not be able to sleep as well.  I sometimes draw things but not all of the time.

I am always looking for opportunities to make things, either words or music.  I am especially fond of those opportunities that involve me getting money for making things.

email me at: kittyhorrorshow@gmail.com

follow me on twitter at @kittyhorrorshow

follow me on twitter at kittyhorrorshow.tumblr.com

Like my things and want to support me?  I have an Amazon wishlist!!

Most of the time I have just enough money to eat and pay rent, and that’s it, which means I can barely ever afford to get nice things.  If you like my stuff and want to do a nice thing for me, consider sending me something from my Amazon wishlist!  It would make me super happy!!  Only if you can afford to though!

Click HERE to do a super nice thing!!!

  1. Ava Avane Dawn said:

    Maybe doing a patreon account would be good for you? Paypal takes a big part of donations. How amazon works with their wish lists I don’t know, but I guess it’s just like buying something normally. Still, patreon is other advantages.

    • Kitty said:

      thank you for the suggestion! it’s something I’ve considered, but I personally really struggle with the idea of asking people for money, I always feel like I don’t deserve it, or they could put it to better use. still, it’s definitely something I’ve given thought too. hearing someone suggest it is validating! thanks again!

  2. floogles said:

    Leaving this here as I couldn’t find an email contact. Just bought and played Chyrza, Brilliant, evocative, atmospheric storytelling. Works on the mind exactly as it should with the right mood, restraint and a beautiful way of being slowly drawn into darkness.

    One small thing – try and make sure you put fades on your audio clips so there are no clicks when it loops around. The audio was really immersive but the clicks pulled me out each time it looped.

    Whatever you do, keep going with this gift. There are people out here who love you and what you are birthing into the world.

    • Kitty said:

      thank you so, so much for the kind words. you’re absolutely right about the sound, that was something i tried to fix through editing but i think the problem is in Unity’s audio engine. definitely something i want to do better in future. thank you so much for playing!!

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