the projection of oneself into fabricated virtual spaces has been one of my deepest fascinations since i first played DOOM at the age of nine.  i am enthralled by the architecture and geometry of places that, while existing only in numbers and electrons, can be entered and explored and wondered at.  it has been one of my longest-running personal ambitions to be able to create such spaces.  i want to be an architect, but i have no taste for solid stone.  i will bend light to make temples that stretch impossibly at the bidding of numbers and angles.  i will give them to you.

starting now I’m going to be stepping away from Twine and interactive fiction for a while.  i tried to create narrative spaces and to construct temples and cities from passages full of words, but my results have been varied and unfulfilling.  i have the tools now, for the first time, to do what i’ve always wanted.  i am working on one final project for IFComp 2013, which i may not complete.  i may revisit Stygia to complete the story, but the response to Stygia 2 was lukewarm, so i may not.  we will see.

so now i turn my energies towards different pursuits; the writing of prose (hopefully to be published), and the construction of games.  or maybe ‘not games,’ for that debate still rages on between people to whom such things are bafflingly important.  games or no, I will be creating spaces, bending light, and showing you all new temples to explore, new angles to climb, and dreadful new skies beneath which to hold your breath and clench your teeth.

i love you.  don’t be scared.

  1. I really, really like your Stygia series. I’m sure if it got more traffic you’d get more of a response for it, and if the sequel didn’t do as well then it may be because people played it without playing the original first. If your goal was to ‘create narrative spaces and construct temples and cities from passages full of words’, then you have definitely succeeded. Don’t let low traffic get you down. Whenever I’ve shown your games to my friends, none of them have heard of you but they’re always impressed by the way you immerse us in the worlds you create. You definitely have talent for it, no matter what you think.

    So yes, on one hand I think you should write an ending to Stygia because I don’t want yet an other one of these quirky little series I find online to never be finished due to lack of popularity. But on the other hand, you should finish it because it’s something very original and unique, and I know I’d get a lot of satisfaction out of giving it a proper conclusion if I’d wrote it.

    In the meantime, I look forward to reading your next piece.

    • Kitty said:

      thank you so much for this.

      • no problem. Just keep ’em coming! :)

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